Our Missionaries


                                                    Jay Abisch - Quebec, Canada

                                                    Bearing Precious Seed - Scripture Publishing Ministry  

                                                    Stephen Byrd - Ecuador 

                                                    Michael Carter - 10-40 window                                    

                                                    Christian Law Association

                                                    Allen Combs - Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

                                                    Jon Glass - Poland

                                                   Neal Hendrigsman - First Bible Scripture Publishing Ministry

                                                   Todd Holland - Arctic Canada          

                                                    Ken and Linda Fielder  World View Ministries                                                                                                                              

                                                    Troy Lewis -  Belize  

                                                    Ludovic Louis - Haiti

                                                    Gary Lukas - Russia

                                                    M.A.P. Ministries - Missions to Amish People

                                                    Ted Mullins - Papua New Guinea

                                                    Jimmy Odom - Portugal

                                                    Jim Pranger - Hungary

                                                    Mark Sage - Pastor--- rebuilding Maineville Baptist Church 

                                                    Mike Van Horn - Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

                                                    John Wheat - Australia

                                                    Unnamed Missionary - to unnamed country

                                                    Unnamed Missionary - to unnamed country

                                                    Danny Kessler - to Bulgaria

                                                    Hershel Case - missionary with Bearing Precious Seed printing ministry

                                                    Reymon  Villariueva - Philippines

                                                    Wayne and Sue Fair -  Papua New Guinea